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The changes made to the application.

Build 1.0.3898.32784

Issues Resolved:
  • Players that are non longer included in a team will not cause an error when a scoresheet including the player is viewed.
  • Resolved Issue where a player that is removed from the team was not deleted.
  • Redesign of the parameter handler for reports.
  • Fixed a bug where the validation text for the innings form was causing a crash.
  • Fixed some bugs with moving between managed and un-manged clubs/teams.
  • Disabled most buttons when a model is not open.
  • The TreeView will always be open by default when a model is opened.
  • Minor visual changes About box and some code tidy up.

New Features:
  • Deletes are now recursive and will also delete sub items (had to be done manually before).
  • Added the ability to delete players from a team.
  • Added Team Reports (Same as club reports but the can be further filtered by team).

Next Version

Bug fixtures and features in next future releases:
Issues To Be Resolved:
  • Average field in some batting reports is incorrect.
  • When a new item is created and saved, its parent is selected instead of the new item.
  • Better handling of user defined Match Type enumerations.

New Features:
  • New Report "Full Score Sheet". (A full scorecard for a single game).
  • Formations Feature is not yet implemented.

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