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The CricStatz model is a model for the EdgeStatz shell, and is intended to be used by cricket clubs.
This is currently the only available model for EdgeStatz.


Model Options

File menu Tools > Options contains several tabs with options for the model and application.


Contains Database update options and enumerations.
  • The Validate button checks the database and shows what needs to be updated in a plain english.
  • The Get Script button shows the sql that will be executed to update the database
  • The Update button, updates the database.
  • The Enumerations are listed and edited in this section.
  • Existing enumerations can be edited here.
  • Adding new enumerations must be done in the model file (not recomended).


Contains Export and Save options.
  • Recursive Export: if true will export all sub-folder items as well as the selected item. (e.g. Exporting the a Club will also Export all Players and Teams that are a part of that Club).
  • Save Options: If Automatically Save is true, all changes are auto saved when the user leaves a form (selects a new item, closes the model or exits). If Auto Save is false and Ask the User is true, the user will be prompted to save instead. if both are false the user must explicitly save the forms or all changes are lost.


Contains SMTP Server information.
  • Fill in to use email features. Example contains default data for Gmail.


This sections doesn't currently contain any settings.


This sections doesn't currently contain any settings.

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