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Instructions on upgrading the version of EdgeStatz or any model that is installed


Best way to upgrade EdgeStatz is to just un-install and install (with the new version) the application. This will not affect any models that are already installed.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to upgrade the model.

Recomended Method:
  • Manually extract the files from the new version.
  • Replace the folders "Images" & "Reports" from the model directory with the new files.
  • Replace the file "EdgeStatz.GeneratedForms.CricStatzPremium.dll_" in the model directory.
  • Open the existing and new .esm files using a text editor (they are xml files).
  • From the start (or very near it) of the old file copy the lines similar to the following and replace them in the new file in the exact same location.
    • <Model Name="CricStatz" Path="...">
    • <Database Name="CricStatz" Path="...">
    • <Provider Name="Default" Server="..." UserId="..." Password="..." >
  • From the end of the old file copy and replace the options node in the new file.
    • <Options>
              <Export Recursive="True" />
              <Email Host="" SSL="True" Port="587" FromAddress="..." AccountName="..." Password="" />
              <Log Sql="False" />
              <Save Auto="False" Request="True" />
      • Save the new file, replace the old one with it and run the model using EdgeStatz.
      • As soon as the model opens go to Menu Bar > Options > Database tab > Select the Update button. (This will update the database with any changes).

      • Updating the models may make the existing data export files invalid (if the database structure was changed).
      • I hope to have a better way to update the models soon.

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